Non-Oil Commodity Export Market is a big and profitable market. Therefore, it is highly important for investors,prospective and existing exporters to have a mentor guiding them through the market in order to make informed decisions at crucial moments.At TOSFAT Concepts we specialise in Agricultural and Mineral Commodities in the Non-Oil Commodity Export Market.Below is the scope of our Export Advisory Service.

Therfore, Our Export Advisory Service is directed towards assisting New and Existing Exporters of Agricultural and Mineral Commodities producing Raw, Semi-Processed and Finished Agricultural and Mineral Products. African commodities are often needed in the International Market but most new exporters do not have the knowledge or dynamics of presenting their products in the foreign market.


Exporters from all over the world especially exporters from the African region are free and eligible to subscribe to our Export Advisory Service. It is a periodic consultancy service, subscribers are able to sign up for a specific timeframe. The minimum subscription period is 6 Months while the maximum is 10 years. Service charges are calculated according the sign up timeframe.

Subscribers from all part of the world are welcome and our services will effectively reach you wherever you are located.

Click here to contact us if you are interested in subscribing to our Export Advisory Service.