We provide feasible, accurate and implementable business report on Raw Agricultural/Mineral Commodities and Value Added Productions of Agricultural/Mineral Commodities. Our Non-Oil Commodities Export Business Report covers the following categories in respect to various commodities:

a) Production of Value Added Agricultural Products. e.g. Plantain Flour,Plantain Chips,Cassava Chips,Beans Flour,Yam Flour, Jatropha Oil e.t.c

b) Exportation of Value Added Agricultural Products.

c) Raw Agricultural Commodities Sourcing Business. e.g. Shea Butter, Shea Nut, Sesame Seed,Ginger,Pea Nut,Wood,Cassava,Cassia Tora e.t.c

d) Mineral Commodities Sourcing Business. e.g. Lead, Zinc, Manganese, Zircon Sand e.t.c

You are free to request for business report on any agricultural or mineral commodity of your interest. To place order for any of our reports, kindly click here to contact us