Our Online Export Business Training is developed as a platform for educating new investors and exporters on the Non-Oil Commodity Export Business focussing on Agricultural and Mineral Commodities. Our Online Export Training classes are available to exporters all over the world.


2 Hours/day for Two Days.


Our Online Export Training covers Agricultural and Mineral Commodities. To subscribe to our Online Training Programme, the first step is to send us an inquiry stating the Non-Oil Commodity Market Sector of your interest (Either Agricultural or Mineral) and also the sub sector (Either Export of Raw Commodities,Semi-Finished Products or Finished Products). On recieving your email, we will send you the payment fee quote for your subscription. After subscription, we will send you an appointment form. Click here to contact us for sending your inquiries.

Also, our online classes are interactive, lively and filled with realistic and implementable information that can be put to use immediately. 


Our Online Classes can be taken using facebook interactive chat session, Whatsapp interactive chat/voice session and Skype interactive chat/voice session. If any of this mode of communication is not operating in your country, we can work on alternatives.


Our Online Export Training Class are flexible and easy for you to take no matter where you are, your timeframe and personal schedules/itinery. The As soon as you subscribe, we will send you appointment form to fill expecting you to state the two days you will take your training, the time you will take your training, the mode of communication and your country time frame.