Quick Service Delivery

We offer a quick service delivery to our International clients placing orders for any of our Agricultural or Mineral Commodities. Also, we attend on time to inquiries from Exporters and Prospective Exporters, Importers and Prospective Importers in need of our Export/Import Management Consulting Services

Good Quality Control System

We follow Good Manufacturing Practice in the sourcing and processing of our Agricultural and Mineral Commodities for Export

Export Solution Centre

We are a One-Stop Shop for all your Export/Import related needs. We offer special services targeted at providing solutions to all your Export/Import Issues

About Us

We help others grow

We are a leading grassroot Non-Oil Commodity Export/Import Management Consultancy company located in Nigeria, Africa. We specialize in offering consultancy services on Agricultural and Mineral Commodities. We provide quality Export/Import Advisory Services for new and existing Non-Oil Commodity Exporters and Importers across the world. Also, we doubled as a global Exporter of Agricultural and Mineral Commodities across the world. Our vision is to:

  • Supply top quality Agricultural and Mineral Commodities
  • Raise well successful Exporters/Importers of Agricultural and Mineral Commodities
  • Assist existing Exporters/Importers of Agricultural and Mineral Commodities for better performance in their businesses
  • Supporting and Improving Export of Agricultural and Mineral Commodities from Africa to improve the continent's GDP
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Our Commodities
Our Services

What We Can Offer You

We Offer various ranges of service to help new and existing Exporters/Importers of Non-Oil Commodities to achieve their aims. Our services are mainly targeted towards Agricultural and Mineral commodity export/import aspect of the Non-Oil Commodity Export Business

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Export/Import Advisory Service

Our Export/Import Advisory Service makes us a one-stop shop for all your Export/Import needs. With this service, we will take you through all the procedure of Agricultural and Mineral Export/Import Business. We solve issues bothering the Exporter/Importer and pave way for more business improvements

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Export/Import Training and Mentoring

We operate special Online Class that is accessible to any prospective Exporter/Importer across the world. We train Prospective Exporters on Exports of Agricultural/Mineral Commodities to all parts of the globe and also train Prospective Importers of Agricultural/Mineral Commodities

Our Commodities
Export/Import Contract Audit

With this special service, we assist both new and existing Exporters/Importers in auditing draft trade contracts and giving a comprehensive report to the Exporter/Importer that made the audit request. This comprehensive report will give the Exporter/Importer information to make an informed decision on the contract

High-Quality Products

Our Products are specially sourced while ensuring a good quality control system and processed following the Good Manufacturing Practice system. We also ensure a quick response and fast delivery system

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Why to Choose Us

We offer special ranges of services that covers the needs of both new and existing Exporters/Importers. We are a one-stop shop for all Exporters/Importers to solve all problems associated with their Export/Import businesses. Also, as an Exporter from Africa we export the finest product as we are experienced and highly knowledgeable on Good Processing and Manufacturing practices. You can be assured of procuring quality Agricultural and Mineral Commodities from us.

  • Good Service Deliver
  • First Classes Support
  • Good Quality Control System
  • Export Solution Centre

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